Friday, April 15, 2011



We have done several projects on Ruby Watir testing and QTP Automation testing.To discuss how we can help you, please contact us on

Key Points

Team of 15+ dedicated WATIR script developers and QTP Experts.
Regularly updated on enhancements made to WATIR.
4+ years of experience in WATIR and QTP Automated Test Development.
Clients satisfied with a cheaper and effective automation effort.

Online Training (WATIR/QTP,Ruby Scripting/VB Scripting).
Online Training (WATIR Frameworks/QTP Frameworks).
Online Training (Ruby Scripting/VB Scripting).
selling WATIR Frameworks/Ruby Frameworks.
Setup of Testing Environment for Automation Testing.
Providing candidates for Automation Testing.
Project work for Automation Testing Testing.
Project Work on contract Basis.

Other Services Like Load Testing, Performance Testing, Manual Testing and web development.

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