Friday, April 9, 2010

Install Browser Developer Toolbar

To view details of elements in your web application, it is recommended to use a developer toolbar as it will provide element inspection functionality. These quickly show you the element attributes and properties you need to know to automate them with Watir.
There are two recommended packages depending on whether you prefer Internet Explorer or Firefox.
Browser Developer Toolbar
Internet Explorer IE Developer Toolbar
Firefox Firebug

Install Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar

  • Make sure you are logged in as administrator.
  • Download Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar.
  • Run it (leave all choices at the default).
  • After installing the toolbar, select Tools -> Toolbars -> Explorer Bar -> IE DOM Explorer.

Install Firebug

  • Got to get firebug using Firefox
  • Click Install Firebug
  • Click Add to Firefox
  • Follow prompts and restart Firefox to enable add on
  • Click the little bug in the lower right hand corner of Firefox
  • Click 'Inspect' then any element in your app

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