Thursday, January 20, 2011

Web Application Testing in Ruby:WATIR and selenium ?

Web Application Testing in Ruby: What is the difference between WATIR and selenium ?


•It’s a Ruby library
•Multi browser (& OS) support
•Has a rich API
•Has a ‘Simple’ class (for non-tech users)
•Watij & Watin (Java & .NET)

•Have to learn Ruby (unless you choose Watij or Watin)
•Every browser requires a different library


•Multi browser, OS & language support
•Install server-side or as FF add-on
•Has its own IDE
•Record and playback tests

•Have to learn a vendorscript => Selenese (Unless you write tests in another language which it supports. Then you just have to use the API reference which is straightforward.)

Shahadat Khan

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